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The highly concentrated oil from the berries of the saw palmetto consists of a multitude of free fatty acids (between 85 and 95%) and phytosterols. It also contains the so-called omega-6 fatty acids, among other things, which have an additional cholesterol-lowering effect. The fat-soluble extract of the berry may prevent the conversion of testosterone, which is responsible for enlarging the prostate. Over 20 placebo-controlled double-blind studies have shown that the fat-soluble extract of saw palmetto berries is very effective in reducing symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, such as the nocturnal urge to urinate (the most unpleasant symptom of this disease). A study conducted in 1984 with 110 patients suffering from the above disease found that these patients had significantly fewer complaints than the comparison group over a follow-up period of 14 1/2 months to over 30 months. This was measured not only by subjective criteria, such as pain while urinating, but above all by objective criteria, such as nocturnal bed-wetting, urine quantity, and residual urine. Additionally, the preparation was well tolerated and hardly showed any side effects. Art. No.: D 235. Contents 60 capsules

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One capsule three times a day with dinner. Dietary supplements are not medicinal products. Consult an expert before use.

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